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At You Excelerate we are passionate about inspiring trainers, engaging learners and delivering change.

How do you feel when:

  1. You've invested most of your budget in training that's promised the world, but hasn't made the slightest difference to the way people think or behave?
  2. You've been given a woolly brief to pull a training program together on a miniscule budget, deliver it within hours & then prove how successful it was?
  3. Everyone thinks the entire training day was an epic waste of time - except for lunch?

If your heart sinks at the thought, you're probably longing to find training which changes behaviour, is thought provoking, engaging & which keeps on working after your staff have left the training room. If that's you, then you've come to the right place. We're kindred spirits.


Good training or great training?

You decide. Take a wander around and if you like what you see, drop us a line or call us for a chat.

Put us to the test: We're here to design powerful training that's easy to deliver in a busy workplace. Try our materials - absolutely free- and tell us what you think.

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Ask Fred-e

Fred-e is the ulitmate training superfan. His passion is training that inpsires, engages, challenges & changes the way people do their job.

He loves nothing more than helping you be the best trainer possible.

He is here to answer any queries you have. Click here to see his advice for an L&D manager struggling to prove her flagship leadership program is really working.

Do you have a training dilema that you want to share? Ask Fred-e; he'll love to give you some expert advice.


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